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With your feet firmly on the ground, the “Water Fed Pole” cleaning method also known as WFP Window Cleaning gets your windows sparkly clean. The reach and wash water fed pole system uses water and a soft brush to deliver an exceptionally clean finish for clear windows. The soft brush gets to work on mucky dirt and grime and the water fed through the pole dries naturally without having to go over it with a cloth. This means your windows stay cleaner for longer and that will save you money on your facility management budget.

No building is too high or wide for Heaven Cleaning. We specialise in high access window cleaning using water purification systems with reach and wash waterfed poles. Our staff are all highly skilled in cleaning windows this way, they are fully trained technicians who can handle the most complex window washing and cleaning projects.

We can clean windows in buildings with difficult access and hard to reach corners using platforms, reach and wash water fed pole system, ladders or our fully trained abseilers can use their experience to get the most inaccessible windows spotlessly clean at any height.

For a free quote and 10% off of your first service, use code OCT10 when you contact Heaven Cleaning on 020 8213 7124 or email us at

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