Gutter Cleaning


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Cleaning Gutters can easily be overlooked in any programme of facilities management. As the gutters cannot be seen, it is easy to forget that feathers, leaves, twigs, rubbish and even birds’ nests can build up until the gutter fails to cope with the next heavy downpour of rain. For gutters to do their job of clearing rainfall to a soakaway, they need to be clear. Gutters need to be cleared and checked at least once a year, and more frequently if the building is close to trees.


For a no-obligation survey of your building, simply call us on 020 8213 7124 today. Heaven Cleaning provides a fast efficient gutter cleaning service to leave your building’s gutters clear, clean and free flowing.


Gutters are a vital part of weatherproofing your commercial premises, and keeping them clean can save you the expense of major repairs. If the gutters are blocked, rainwater will flow straight from the roof onto the walls, windows and paths. Left unchecked this can lead to penetrating damp with the associated cost of repairs and redecoration. Clogged gutters really can cause you enormous expense if they are allowed to get blocked.


Our trained staff will hand clean all gutters and clear all debris. All the gutters are fully cleaned and flushed and the entire rainwater drainage system is checked. We will also provide you with a report of any problems that are seen when we get access to the gutters and roof. Gutter cleaning is one of the most important exterior maintenance jobs for any property. We are established contract window cleaners for all commercial buildings outside cleaning. We can help you with external facilities management – cleaning windows at all heights, washing window frames and powerwash clearing of muck and algae from decking, patios and all hard landscaping.


Whether your building is single storey or a high rise block, we can get the windows clean. Our fully trained staff use the reach and wash window cleaning method, as well as abseiling window cleaning for any windows that are hard to reach.